1. Chris Lynn The guy who never played for Hyderabad and now a RCB fans nightmare :D

  2. hyderabadiscouser:

    A Tweet from one legend on another … #YNWA #MakeUsDream


  3. Okay so is any one here like to be co admin in my fb page LCLC ..intrested msg me in my page..
  4. hyderabadiscouser:

    Its look like a battle-royal in my home for tv remote this evening

  5. So what’s happening with Brit women cricketers lately …

  6. Say “YES I DO” !!! She is way better and natural than plastic anushka :P

  7. 4th Base: So Earlier today was watching @major League Baseball opening at SCG on tv and it was confusing as fuck ..

  8. NO BALL :P  !!!

    So Here is the Deal Mitchell Johnson since November 2013:

    8 matches, 55 wickets, 14.47 average, 30.4 Strike rate and an economy rate of 2.85, five 5 wicket hauls and 1 ten wicket haul.

  9. McCullum 281 not out

  10. Am really sadden by what i have read about what happened with Luke Batty #RIP …It was really nice gesture from Team Australia to go out on filed with the Arm band …